A World of Possiblities

The future of education starts with efficiency

The art of efficiency is what determines how quickly individuals across the globe can grow their finances, yet this is not a skill that can simply be taught in a classroom environment. Therefore, we have created a videogame that will allow people to unlock their understanding behind this highly essential skill, efficiency, by submerging themselves in a virtual financial structure. The goal of the players within the game is to rise on the socioeconomic ladder by accumulating money efficiently, unlocking different skill sets, and acquiring land, while maximizing productivity.

A Real Estate and Land Trading Video Game

Create a farm, breed animals, acquire lands, construct real estate, invest into factories or conquer new worlds. Discover gold, oil and diamonds, craft the best weapons, armor or jewelry, acquire financial skills, play the market or trade your goods. Start the future of economy in this MMORPG player driven economy built by the players for the players !  

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Whitelisted presale 60% Bonus 

Public sale ends October 31th

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How our plan works

Build your character

Whether you want to be a farmer, a miner, a trader, or a real estate land owner, you can try it all out in this virtual world. Make your way up to the top of the social and economic ladder by maximizing your skill sets and analyzing the market. 

Build your territory

The goal of the game is to accumulate wealth. Learn the value of trading the market, buy lands, build properties and resell them for a profit in this player driven economical game. Create your own business. Make partnerships, sign contracts, and more!

Build your knowledge

Everything we build is for you to improve your knowledge and your skills. The more experienced you become in a specific field, the more efficient you will be. Play for free and find out more about what you can do with all the tools that will be created by the players for the players.

The Future Of Gaming Is Now

Everyone has the opportunity to master efficiency in a virtual player driven economy


Q1 2020

Gaming knowledge

We invested months to figure out how we can improve the next generation of gaming acquiring tools and knowledge to succeed

Q1 2021


As other land trading crypto game emerged, we focused on our project. Our goal is to deliver a mature financial game for grown up where free players will be able to play to earn.

Q2 2021

Social analysis

With the popularity of NFTs and land trading on the rise we analysed the market to elaborate the perfect strategy to grab shares from the cryptocurrency giants by predicting what will be the next trend of video gaming according to social data analysis.  Start our whitepaper draft